Interview With: Jonathan Kelley of A Change Of Pace
When & Where: 12.24.04 - This interview took place via Instant Messanger.

Hey Jon, it's Kristie (from sorry I'm REALLY late.. are you still up for the interview?
Okay great.

Firstly, for our readers, please state your name, your role in the band, and something random about yourself.
My name is Jon Kelley, I play Drums in the band, and I own a card for free food for a year at chic-fil-a.

Nice! haha, So you guys are just coming out of High School. How's it feel to know that your friends are going to college and you get to tour the country?
Its was awesome at first, but when we are home from touring, we call them up, and they're like "we have to stay in and do homework" or "we have work tonight," and we feel really lazy about oursleves.
Do you ever think to yourselves that maybe you'd still like to be in school?
Hell no, we barely made it through high school...
Haha, Hey I know the feeling!
Actually, our guitarist is supposed to be in highschool. He just turned 16.
Oh really?
He dropped out. Got his GED.
To pursue the band, correct?

It is true that a lot of sacrifices have to be made.
Yeah there are lots of sacrafices that have been made. Friends, family, girlfriends.
Wow, I see.
Not that we gave them up. It's just tough I meant...
Oh, I understand completely.
That sounded bad.
No no, I know what you're trying to say. Just a lot of sacrifices all together.

I understand that initially, you and ACOP's singer, Torry, really didn't get along too great. How'd you guys manage to stick with each other?
Me and Torry had a class together freshman year. I didnt know him, I didnt even know he played guitar. And just the way he acted in class, I thought he was a bitch. But, the first night we hung out and jammed, I fell in love with him.
Exactly, how long have you guys been a band?
Me and Torry have been playing together for 5 years now and the other guys for 2 as ACOP, 2 years.

Wow, and already progressing pretty amazingly! How did the band get introduced to Immortal Records and why did you decide to go with them?
We were found by a manager in LA named Jorge Hernandez and he had shopped us around to different labels, and Jason from immortal was really excited about what we wanted to do, so we went with them. We wanted to go with a label that was excited.
Gives you a sense of comfort so to speak.

"What Doesn't Kill You, Will Just Piss You Off," was just recently released. For those who haven't gotten a hold of it yet, what can we expect from the album?
Oh it's not really an album, its just 3 songs off our upcoming CD in March and a Mini DVD.
Oh! Well, that's pretty cool!
March 22nd... had to plug that in there.
Well, okay then. Seeing the album is coming out in March, what can we expect from the album?
Alot of diversity, there are some really hard songs with some metal influences, all the way to soft poppier songs.
Sounds good!

Now, in the band's bio it states you guys have worked with producer Michael Baskette. That's pretty cool to be associated with him considering he's worked with acts such as Incubus and Three Days Grace.
Yeah, he was amazing. He was very hands on with us. We learned alot from him. I'd say recording this album was the best time we have had as a band.

That's awesome. Well, actually that pretty much answered my next question. So, we'll skip to the next one. I love hearring how artists come up with their music/lyrics. What influences the song writing process?
Torry does all the writing. In highschool we had a really tight group of friends. Very tight, more than usually, which can be a great set up for bad things. there was some betrayal, addictions, things of that sort.

Alright, my next question is my favorite question. If you were to create an infomercial about buying your record, what would you tell your listeners?
Buy our album so we can feed Johnny's kids.... all 8 of them.
Hahaha. Gotta feed those kids!
He tries.

Well, Christmas is tomorrow. What did you ask the big man in the red suit to bring you?
I wrote santa and asked him for a Poker table and I was in the garage last night and I saw a poker table box, so santa must have talked to my mom...
Oh boy! That's great. We just bought my brother that as well!
Awesome.. we are all obsessed with poker.
Seems to be a common theme!
We have gambling addictions.
Haha. Don't we all. It's fun. Except when you lose all your money...
Ha, yeah.

Alright, I just have one final question. What do you hope A Change Of Pace's legacy to the music world will be?
That people uderstand that we were fans before all of this, and still are.. we were the ones making fake backstage passes to warped tour, sneaking into New Found Glory's concerts, and acting like we were in bands that we werent.
Hahaha. Wow, now that's classic. I know of people sneaking in.. but making fake passes? That's dedication. Haha.
[laughs] At Kinkos, they were sweet.

Haha. Well, that's about it. Anything you'd like to add?
That I love you and Johnny doesnt have 8 kids. Only 2... twins.
Haha. Okay, great. Thanks for clearing that up for all who were confused.
[laughs] It was nice talking to you.
Nice talking to you too! Have a great and safe Christmas! & besides the poker table, I hope Santa treats you good!
[laughs] Thanks. You too.