Interview With: James Harrah from Glory Of This
When & Where: 12.17.04 - This interview took place via Instant Messanger.

Hey, it's Kristie from - you ready for the interview?
Always... I'm James by the way
Nice to meet you, how are you?
Late night, and early morning... I'm great... weather's not so bad outside.
Well, that's good, the whether here sucks, it snowed.
It's like 68 outside here

Nice! Okay, first question. For our readers, please state your name, your role in the band, and something random about yourself.
My name is James Harrah, I'm the singer of Glory of This and I am addicted to being loud and making strange noises.
Wow, something I like to do as well. Haha.
I donít like smear condiments on my body and watch dog shows or anything.

Haha. You guys are a fairly new band, having been together for a little over a year. What's it like knowing that in just that little amount of time you guys have been able to tour on some dates of this years Warped Tour, sign to a record label, and record and release a full length? That's got to be overwhelming once you take everything in.
Well, in all honesty, our full length "Adoration" is more of an accomplishment and achievement than we had ever expected. We are satisfied with our music and ability at this young stage in our band's life. We have been offered great opportunities to do something amazing as a band and we are embracing it with open arms. Everyone has been so generous to us. We are moving forward very quickly in the music world and when our heads aren't swimming and our pockets and stomachs aren't empty, we are paving the way for new life experiences.

That's awesome. Good for you guys. Now, talking about the record label for just a second. How did the band get introduced to Indianola Records and why did you decide to go with them?
Indianola Records is based out of Valdosta, GA, about 4 hours from where we are from here in Pensacola, FL. We had been a band since September of 2003 and after some rigorous practicing and song writing, we played a few dates along the Southeast, first of which was Vito's Rock N' Roll Pizza in the label's hometown. We heard a few things that night and when we came home from the shows we had a contract waiting for us in our emails. We were signed based on our highly energetic live performance, our musicianship, and our overall character. They embraced us early so we chose to ride it out! That first show was in March by the way. We had only been a band 6 months before we got signed to Indianola.
Oh wow, that's crazy. That had to be mind blowing.
We had all worked hard in our previous projects and knew it was what we wanted so we worked hard for it. We work hard for everything we get.
And that right there is very respectable.
We've had great opportunities like I said, but nothing is getting handed too us... yet. One of these days it'll be nice to get some sleep and have some help...
Exactly, hard work pays off in the long run.

Now, as you mentioned, your new full length "Adoration" has been the greatest accomplishment thus far. Now, for those who haven't gotten a hold of it yet, what is it that we can expect from the album?
Just that. It is our greatest accomplishment. We wear it like a badge of honor. We in Glory of This are very proud of what we've done. Everyone worked hard the whole way. Including Jeremy Staska our producer who did an amazing job as well. We just squeezed in our influences and inspirations into one full-length album and now we are itching to write more.
And your influences would be the likes of whom?
Everything from Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, and Thrice to Journey, 80's pop-culture rock, and hair-metal. We honestly just appreciate all music and tolerate it much more when the people performing it are respectable individuals. The music is a representation of the people playing it. Anyone playing music is making sacrifices, so there is always a level of respect and credibility. I could honestly list 10,000 bands that we listen to.
Oh great choices. Very respectable artists. They do say sacrifice is the key to getting your band to go places. And, yeah I wouldn't expect you to list all 10,000. Just generally is good.
I appreciate that.

I generally ask a lot of artists this because I love hearing how the music comes about. What influences the band's writing process?
I guess just any other normal stereotypical/run of the mill breakup anthems and post-teenage angst songs make up part of the mix. Everyone experiences the same kind of emo-things throughout life. We just aren't, well at least always, mad about it. We have fun playing our music and that plays the biggest role in the music writing. We don't sit together and say "damn man, we need to write something classy for the ladies." We say, "All right, lets keep rocking until everyone gets blown away!". We listen to our music like it is someone elseís so we make sure its worth it.
Haha, exactly. Staying true to yourselves and doing it for the right reasons is what I like to hear! and previously stated, the hard work will pay off and get you in the right direction.
I know quite a few bands that are just tired of hearing their music and playing it. I'm sure it wears out its welcome over time but we still just put in the CD and rock it out like it were any other CD.

I like the album artwork for "Adoration." How did the band come up with the concept for it? Is there anything significant about it?
Caleb of Bootcore Graffix has done some artwork for Indianola before. We went through a lot of different images and settled with the final product when A) Time was up B) We all agreed. Its significance doesnít play a super big role except the title "Adoration." Its all about caring about what you put your heart into. The name says a lot more than the artwork.

Okay, cool. I see what you're saying. What is one thing that has happened during a show or while being on tour that is a memory that will forever retain in your mind? Good or bad?
How about a good and bad?
Okay both, if that's what you'd prefer. haha
Good- We rolled up into Spencer, IA literally in the middle of nowhere. There were maybe 20 houses on either side of the city for 2 hours of driving. We pulled into rural Spencer where there may be half a dozen street lights. It was still mid-day and there was NO ONE around. It looked like a ghost town... a joke. We were being followed by a car and after we stopped at a stop light some kids got out and said "The Venue has been changed. Follow us to where it is now". So we tailed the car in a game of follow the leader around the town and parked in front of a American Legion. We got out and unloaded our stuff inside only to find a HUGE stage and a room that could easily fit 1500 kids. We set our stuff up and pointed our fingers at the 4 people inside the whole building. Maybe 30 minutes before show time we went outside only to see a line around the building. We got on stage to nearly 250-300 kids and we were the only ones playing! They were the most amazing crowd any of us could have asked for. They poured their hearts into that show because they are kids who dont have the opportunity to choose what show to go to, what band to like, or what is coming up next week. That town had NO local bands and had only maybe 15 shows through there the whole year and it was November. It taught us to never underestimate a show regardless of expectation.
Oh wow, that's killer. You mean, you guys were the only ones on the bill? Like, doing a show by yourselves?
Yeah. Our tour mates had cancelled and we were the only ones set to play. It was like a diamond in the rough. Maybe thatís good enough... ha
Well, at least everything worked out to your advantage though. From what you just told me it seemed like the kids had a hell of a good time and really appreciated you guys being there.
We sold so much stuff. They were happy that someone would take the time to come to there town and were more appreciate than any music fans I'd ever seen. It was so inspiring.

That's awesome. My next question happens to be my favorite and you get to have a little fun with it. If you were to create an infomercial about buying your record, what would you tell your listeners?
Good one!... hmmm let me see. Guy at party says, "Man I wish I had all the greatest hits of a South Florida band called Glory of This on one easy to find Cd"... Guy 2 says, "No Way, I've got it right here man. Its "Adoration". A Cd made by honest guys doing honest hard work to achieve their goals. The songs range from screaming/singing rock songs that portray your ability to overcome your obstacles, to angry brutal songs about a distaste for liars, and even a softer side written about childhood feelings." Guy 1 "Are you serious, I was hoping for Dokken or something... Can I borrow it" Guy 2 exclaims "Absolutely not. Its not coming out of my cd player and you need to get it for yourself so you can show your other friends" Guy 1 "Alright, dont be such an ass. I was going to go get it anyway!"
Nice! I like the story line. Probably one of the best I've received so far. I dig it.. and I'd fall for it. Hahaha.
I am usually a lot more creative.
I can tell and that's great!

I actually have one last question for you and then you're finally free from the torture of the press. What do you hope Glory Of This' legacy to the music world will be?
This isn't necessarily our intention but still would be a nice accomlishment. I hope that the fans of Glory of This are fans that will appreciate everyone's interests. We've had a lot of people support our progress and commend us that would seem otherwise devoid of any interests of us or our music. Its hard when you are trying your best to get something done and the target of your endeavor will not even take time to notice. Our label, AP magazine, the Press, our publicist/s... these are all people who could have easily just turned their head and not noticed or paid attention to us but are actually people who care about music and take the time to listen to a band's ideals and opinions. If we could amount a fanbase of people who will give everything a chance, then they will be influenced by so much in life. Oh, and it'd be nice if we could all get rich and buy like a children's hospital or something. For now all we do is pick up kids and take them to shows if they need it! It'd be nice to hear that our influences are proud too.
That right there makes me respect bands such as yours. I love the down to earth feeling of bands who are all about giving back. They know their groundings and don't allow things to go to their head. They grasp it and take hold of it and appreciate every aspect that is thrown at them.
We dont have a choice. If we get absorbed into one medium or avenue we will miss the other things that come to us because we wont be paying attention.

I understand completely! That's very applaudable. I don't want to keep you away from your personal time, but is there anything you'd like to add that maybe we didn't touch base on?
Our new website will be up this weekend and if anyone gets a chance stop by an online store or hot topic and pick up our album. If you want... and thank you Kristie.
That's great. Thank you so much for taking the time out and doing an interview for us. I appreciate it. See you at a show in the future.
I hope.