Bands in Attendance: Down to Earth Approach, Drawback, Name Taken,
Brazil, From First to Last & Emery
When & Where: 09.28.04 @ Xtreme Wheels - Buffalo, NY
By: Nicole Garey

At the start of the night, I was really excited for what was to come. Who could imagine a better line-up? Down to Earth Approach, a band that was recently added to my "favorite" list, was joining an already amazing show. Since it was such a long show, I am just going to highlight the major points of the night.

The show started a bit early, and Down to Earth Approach opened up. I was expecting them to be full of energy, performing almost exactly as it was on the album that I was so in love with, but I was greatly disappointed. Giving them the upper hand of the situation, they were added to this show last minute. They were the first band to play, the crowd wasn't exactly ready, and the venue isn't the best. On the other hand, they were set to join the tour the next day, so I'm not sure if it was a lack of preparation, or unsatisfactory conditions. However, I'd still GREATLY recommend their CD.

Brazil was the next notable band to take the stage. I had been set to see Brazil 3 times before this show, and it hadn't worked out. After such a long wait, my expectations were pretty low -- I saw the tours they were on getting more and more impressive, but I was so upset at not getting the chance to see them that my mind was set to be disappointed. On the contrary, they were easily the highlight of the night, performing a high energy, high quality set. The atmosphere was not too comfortable, and the crowd was somewhat hesitant to get into it, but once they did, there was no holding back. Each song seemed to come so naturally, as if the songs were part of the band members.

Overall, the night was mostly just a huge headache. Aside from Brazil and From First to Last, the performances were mediocre at best, and it seemed like the bands felt that they had something better to do.