Office Map Carbon Copy Media, the new independent label from Hawthorne Height�s JT Woodruff, is screaming with potential, as the first signee to the label, Ellison, births out their debut album, Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone.

Straddling a mellifluous line between emo and pop-rock, Cincinnati-based quartet Ellison offers a set of 11 friendly tracks on Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone, while synchronizing plenty of ear candy. The band�s style is subtle and soft, yet extremely rich in blazing harmonies and hooks that convey the subdued emotional quality, which is the underlying theme.

The albums opener, �Joanna, Open Your Eyes,� delivers with an exceedingly amount of vocal and instrumental hooks, including a catchy indie-rock melodious bass/guitar unison line that drives the verse. Upon the first listen of the song, I found that it sounds a bit similar to a couple tracks you�d find on Spitalfield�s, �Remember Right Now.� Nevertheless, this would also be the track that serves as the catchiest song on the album. �Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone,� the albums title track, is a mid-tempo number about misfortunate love, that features the rapturous vocals of singer, Josh Hill. �Tired Of Pretending,� is a poetic, passionate written composition that features a beautifully played piano line that shadows the slow toned guitars and barely beaten drums, that goes into a faster paced, brief instrumental arrangement that will make heads turn.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the record however, are the vocals. Vocalist Josh Hill, possesses the perfect vocal quality that enables the songs to stand out differently on their own. Gentle enough to captivate any teenaged girl and melt their heart, without sounding overwhelmingly pubescent.

Throughout the album, sweet melodies and vocal harmonies are consistent. The lyrics aren�t necessarily the most original, but they have enough depth to captivate the listener and make them swoon, which makes for a record that will please fans of infectious indie-pop of a more soothingly flare.

Review by: Amnesty Phillip

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