Are there any staff openings?
At the moment TTS is not offering any positions. When we have an opening we'll make a post.

Can you help me meet (insert band/artist here)?
As much as we'd like to help you meet your favorite band/artist, it is out of our control to help you. We cannot just hand out their information to the public. Somethings you just have to figure out on your own. Besides, chances are, you can meet most of the bands at a show.

Am I allowed to contribute something?
Sorry, no. We only except the work of our staff members. (Afterall, that's what they are they for.) If you feel this is arguable, hit the contact section.

Do we make money off this?
No. We do this out of our own free will because this is what we love to do. On the other hand, we do one day hope to possibly get involved in this field and make it our jobs and get paid. Until then, we'll keep dreaming.

Is there any way that I can help out?
Sure is! We have AIM buddy icons and a TTS banner located in our media section made especially for people such as yourself. Tell all your friends about us + post our address on message boards. Better yet, JOIN OUR STREET TEAM! Do anything you will think will help us out. We appreciate it greatly!

Do you personally know any of the artists you feature?
Some of them, yes. Which artists do we know exactly? That's the beauty of it being personal.

Why is (insert band/artist here) on Trash The Stage? They suck!
Who we choose to feature is entirely up to us. If we feel they have talent, we will feature them. If it's a small band known locally, we will do our best to help them out. If it's a nationally known artist, well then, we just help them make thier fanbase expand more. We can't please each person that visits the site, although we try.