Interview with: Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy
When & Where: 08/18/04 Warped Tour - Darien (Buffalo), NY

(Journalist) In the recent alternative press magazine you guys were in, at the end of the article, they had listings of song titles for the new album like, "Austin We Have a Problem," and a couple other ones. I was wondering if you guys had most of those written and how far the album is?
Yeah, we have that song written  and about 17 songs in all written and probably will have about 20-25 by the time we record which hopefully is going to be in November.
How many songs will make the album?
Probably 12. So, we'll have a bunch to choose from which is the point. To try to make the best record we can and try to grow as well. To get better and more mature. Seeing, it's our second record and we don't want to do the same exact thing.

(Journalist) What exactly is going on with Fueled By Ramen, are you still connected with them?
Yeah, we are still connected with them. But I think the next record will be like a joint thing like the Thursday record was but by Island, not Fueled By Ramen. So, we still talk to them. They still help us out and we help them out. We just did that EP for them and that was our choice.

(Trash) Warped Tour generally attracts a bigger audience. Do you like playing bigger venues or do you like playing smaller ones better?
Oh, I don't know. I like both. I like bigger obviously because we can make new fans and if the show is insane, like a couple days ago in Detroit, we played two songs because kids crowded the stage and stuff got wrecked pretty much. It's scary. No one got hurt, thank god, but stuff like that is a good story you know what I mean? But I like smaller shows because it's more intimate. I like playing on small stages where I'm not on a riser and I can be closer to the kids, where there are no barricades, unless it's a big show, then I like having them there because kids get hurt a lot.

(Journalist) Going along with that, do you have any crazy tour stories?
Well, I think we're doing another DVD or something, or Pete is doing a story thing and like, a lot of the crazy stuff we do is on there. It's just like, us shitting everywhere and peeing on stuff and Pete drinking his own pee and whatever kind of stuff like that. So, I guess stay tuned for that. Other than that, I guess the craziest thing with the band was that Detroit show. Fences got wrecked, the thing that was holding the p.a. speakers broke, so that collapsed. It was crazy. We played two songs but it was the best two songs we've ever played and it was awesome.

(Journalist) Compared to everyone else that's blowing up, where do you guys fit in? Are you still college radio or are you mainstream? In your opinion.
I don't know. The choices are college radio and mainstream? That I don't know, but I guess in the scene we're part of the genre like, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New and all those bands. But, I guess since we're on a major like that puts us in the category of other bands that are bigger but, I mean in my opinion being on Warped Tour, it is all one scene because, with my experience here is, we all eat together, everyone gets along and hangs out, so we're all the same.

(Trash) When writing songs, what influences the process? Do you think about the type of music you're writing, or do you think about pleasing the record label?
Well, the song writing process is Pete writes the lyrics, he gives them to Patrick, he writes the majority of the song, and we all arrange it together after that. The way Patrick writes is, he'll either write to the lyrics or to the feel of the lyrics. One of the things that happens especially is, all of us like doing pop music. Pop music from the 70s and from the 80s or whatever it's definitely a valid art form in music. So, I don't think there is anything wrong with pop songs. But, to do it to please the label, none of us are into that. Luckily they're pleased with a lot of the songs we write, so it works. That's the thing with Island. They're really cool. They're behind us in what we're doing not behind in what they want us to do and that's pretty awesome and that's why we went with them.

(Journalist) Seeing that you are at a Six Flags park, have you had the chance to ride any of the rides?
Well, I hate roller coaster. I am afraid of heights, but I will later go on the bumper cars. I'm sure the other dudes will go though.

(Journalist) Going into the whole punkvoter(.com), I was just wondering (a) do you agree with what Fat Mike is trying to do with punkvoter and (b) as a band do you urge people to get involved?
Yes, personally as a band we all agree with punkvoter and what he is trying to do. As a band, we definitely urge kids to go vote. Whatever they do vote, although, I personally agree with punkvoter and everything that they do. But, our slant as a band is not a political slant. We make the music. Well, I guess that's not true because I guess personal is for election. You know Pete writes personal lyrics but in writing that, that is a form of speech, of saying what you feel. Whether it's about relationships or tour or things that happen once, the point as a band is to get through to fans. Personally, yeah, I do want to push out the political aspect and vote.

(Trash) I was reading an article on some website, that I thought was pretty interesting. It was mentioned that something was stolen off of your tour bus. Can you tell me what happened?
Oh, do you remember where it was?
It actually didn't say. It just said that someone was on your bus...
Oh yeah! We were in the UK and we literally had a couple fans on the bus, for like 10 minutes. We had our DVD before it was done with us and someone stole it and streamed it on the internet.
Oh really? How do you feel about that?
I don't care about the file sharing and all that, but I'm not into stealing. That's just wrong. He should have known it was wrong.
Do you still let fans on the bus?
Well, we've only had a bus in the UK. We've never had a bus in America. I want a bus though. We don't sleep at all in the van. Whatever.

(Journalist) Going along with punkvoter. I know you agree with punkvoter but, I don't know if you saw NoFx, they had a bunch of 'No Bush' and all that, but they don't really say, 'get bush out because...' They just kind of say, fuck bush, get him out. Do you agree with that? Because, there are people that just follow..
That's true. I definitely think it's important. They have what, 3 or 4 minutes to say what they want and I know they know a lot and I haven't read interviews or anything so, I don't know if they give reasons in interviews but I'm sure they do. But on Conan, Second Reach, and Saturday Night Live, you only have enough time and you can only have your one statement and it's probably something written on your shirt.
But a lot of these candidates say the same thing.
That's true and I think pretty much everyone here agrees. I don't agree with that on a whole, like I think if you're going to say something, you need to back it up. As for onstage, you really don't have the time. You should maybe plum at it in a way that gives like a reason ins a spare minute, like between songs. But I do agree. Personally it's pretty obvious that Bush is a liar and that he's a moron and he's just a bad leader, like he's not incompetent. I don't think John Kerry is much better, but that's just what I personally think.

(Journalist) Where exactly did that name come from?
Tim from Rise Against, we played with them. We actually played with their other band called the Killer Tree a long time ago and he yelled it out. That's all I can really say about that.

(Trash) As time goes on, what do you hope Fall Out Boy's legacy to the music world will be?
I hope we just really connect with people. The point of this for us is we really believe in this. Like, Pete really believes in the words and we're best friends. I love music and I love writing music. I love playing in front of people and connecting with people and when people come up to me and meeting the fans. I hope people know that it does mean something and that this is honest for us. We're not fake.

(Journalist) Since you're on tour, like the Warped tour. It's so long. Do any of you have any pre-show rituals?
I do. I stretch and warm up on a drum pad for like a half hour to an hour. Usually when the band before us is on, I stretch.

(Journalist) There's this site called If you went to a real knife party, what kind of knife would you bring?
A knife party? Um, I'm a pacifist, so I wouldn't break a knife. But, if I had to, I guess I'd bring a butter kind because it's not really sharp.

*Please note: This interview was done with two other journalists from two different publications and I'm sorry to say that, I do not remember who or what publications.*