Halifax - The Inevitability of a Strange World [Drive Thru Records]
By: Kristen Pembleton

Halifax, after overcoming a few setbacks, released The Inevitability of a Strange World their long awaited first full length, on May 23rd. Although some may be disappointed in the amount of time it took for the release, to most it was has proven to be well worth the wait. Halifax guitarist, Chris Brandt said himself, "The new album will get you pregnant". A good thing or not, itís really hard to say but we all know what he really means by this. The album rocks like nothing else.

For any previous fans of, A Writers Reference, who were looking to find the same sound with their new album, this is a forewarning that you will not even be able to compare the two. Since the writing of the original EP, it is apparent that the guys of Halifax wanted to change their sound and that is exactly what they did. Shying away from their original "screamo" sound, this time around Halifax seemed to aim for a much more rock and roll sound.

The album opens with "Nightmares" and honestly choosing to make it the first track on the album couldnít have been a better one. The combination of strong lyrics and amazing instrumentals makes the song one to pull the listener right in. Following up, is the next track, the bands first single "Our Revolution", it really plays right off of the first song and gives the listener more of a reason to keep listening. Itís hard not to yell out the ever so catchy "hell yeah" throughout the chorusí and rock out during the guitar solo in the midst of the song. Throughout most of the album, Halifax manages to keep up with their high spirited, strong sound but towards the end it seems as though the guys really didnít know where they wanted to go with the closing. The sound starts off so intense in the beginning but by the end, it seems to weaken. The last three or four songs seem to be a let down to many. The songs themselves are put together well and maybe on, A Writers Reference, would have fit in but on The Inevitability..., they really donít seem to find their own place.

The Halifax album is one that I will continue to spin for months on end. It's one of those albums that I could recommend to anyone, it has the ability to please all sorts of music fans. Come back to me in the amount of time it takes to have a child [nine months] and I can guarantee you, that i'll still be rockin' Halifax. The songs may not blend perfectly, but each song brings it's own thing and a very good thing at that.