Office Map Mayday Parade is sure to take fans by force with their debut EP, �Tales Told By Dead Friends,� an album that is seeping with an extraordinarily amount of melodic choruses.

The EP, which is re-released as the first of their releases for Fearless Records, is brimfully packed with anthemic thoughtful lyrics and impressive, high-velocity tempos that demand movement. The band consists of three vocalists and three guitarists, all interchanging and correlating along the course of the CD, creating an exciting listen. �When I Get Home, You�re So Dead,� �One Man Drinking Games� and �The Last Something That Meant Anything,� are the record�s standout tracks. Each find a place that resonates in your heart and have the ability to retain in your mind. The production, is astounding and breaks away from the overly bland production of most albums that are appearing these days, causing a crisp, clear sound.

While this record is sometimes obvious and doesn�t surpass any musical boundaries, it�s a nice collection of songs that are still worth getting lost in it for a while.

Review by: Amnesty Phillip

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