Office Map After an extraordinary amount of self promotion through his myspace page, singer/song writer Ronnie Day was scooped up by The Militia Group and is blessing the world with his debut full length, The Album.

Day, a 17-year old from Redwood City, California worked with American Hi-Fi singer Stacy Jones and Bill Lefler. The Album, is a journal full of autobiographical writings that takes place around the end of a three year relationship that Day endoured. The lyrics, are personal and moving and take the listener on the journey of that chapter in Day's life.

The album is paced at a rather mellow rate, but has it's moments of unbelieveable livliness. His music stems from indie rock to pop-punk. It's atmospheric, and at his strongest, Day shows similar styles as some of today's better known artists such as, The Rocket Summer, Dashboard Confessional and early All American Rejects.

Though the album doesn't necessarily step outside any boundaries, The Album is an ambitious showcase of maturity and talent. With the kind folks at The Militia Group standing behind Day, he certainly has the potential to be something big in the future.

Review by: Amnesty Phillip

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