Interview with: Scott Sellers, Mike Jimenez, and Jon Berry of Rufio
When & Where: 08/18/04 Warped Tour - Darien (Buffalo), NY

(Trash) Please state your name, your role in the band, and your greatest fear.
Scott: I'm Scott. I sing and play guitar and my greatest fear is heights.
Mike: I'm Mike. I play drums and my greatest fear is chicks. I'm scared of girls.
Jon: I'm Jon. I play bassa and my greatest fear is... shit, what are those vegetables called?
(Brendon) Brussel sprouts?
Jon: Yeah! Brussel sprouts!
[Everyone laughs]
Scott: You're scared of fucking brussel sprouts?
Jon: Yeah man!

(Trash)This is your second year on Warped Tour. How is this year any different than last year?
Mike: We did more dates this year.
Scott: Yeah, we did a lot.
Mike: Last year we just did the west coast and this year we did the mid-west coast and the east coast. So, a lot more shows and it's been real cool.
Scott: Yeah, it's cool to see the other side. See how the other side is. It's awesome but pretty much the same.
(Tom [])The thing that they're pushing this year here is the and trying to get kids to vote. What is y our personal take on the political problem in America today?
Mike: I think it's awesome that they're trying to get people politically aware and conscience of that stuff. It's good to be involved with voting and stuff like that. It's good that they're making people aware.

(Trash)Such tours like the Warped Tour, generally attract a bigger audience. Do you like playing bigger venues better or do you like playing the smaller venues better?
Scott: It's cool to play the big with tons of kids like dancing. I still kind of like small shows. Just because it's more personal and you're closer to the crowd.
Mike: Warped Tour is cool but small shows...
Scott: Small shows kill.
Mike: They always will because it's personal and everyone is right there in your face.
Scott: It's awesome with no barricades and it's like a moshpit of kids around you. It's cool.

(Trash)How do you think your most recent albut, "MCMLXXXV" (1985) has defined the band?
Jon: I think it's like a transition record. Where our first CD was more like, pop-punk, skate-punkish along those lines. This one is more of a transition because it's more rock intensive music.
Scott: Transition!
Mike: Transition album!

(Tom [])Who do you guys think gives a better turn out for shows? The west coast or the east coast?
Scott: West coast. I don't know. Sometimes it just depends.
Mike: It just depends on the scene and where you are. They are just as good. I depends on where you are. We're really not biest when it comes to any coast.

(Trash)While recording the album, did you have any idea of what you wanted the final outcome of the CD to sound like? Do you think that everything you were looking for was achieved?
Scott: Personally, I wasn't looking for anything. We just played with the songs and kind of, just went with it. I wasn't really expecting it to sound like anything.
Mike: I wish we just had more time to mess with stuff. More ideas. It was kind of rushed to be honest. Hopefully, when we do the next one, we can do that next time. With how it was, we're happy with it.
Scott:It was our first CD with a producer and everything so, it was a whole new experience too. It was very cool.

(Tom [])With all the bands you have toured with, who is your favorite to tour with and why?
Scott: I think I had the most fun on the Taking Back Sunday/Brand New tour. Just because we were a bunch of asses the whole time. We threw each other in pools and slashed each other's tires and just did a bunch of pranks and bullshit. It was so much fun. Lots of good times. That's my favorite personally.
Mike/John: I think we agree.

(Trash)If you couuld make your own infomercial about buying your album, what would you tell your listeners?
Scott: [laughs]
Tom: That's a great question!
Scott: I would tell them it is the greatest thing they've ever heard. Because all infomercials are lies.
Jon: That's a funny question. What would you say? (asking Mike)
Mike: We'll have lots of chicks.
Scott: Lots of naked chicks! Buy our album and you'll get lots of chicks.
Mike: Yeah and goats and lots of weird animals...
Tom: You should make one like girls gone wile but with your music playing in the background.
Scott: Exactly! Oh!
Mike: and trapize artists and all that!

(Tom [])Throughout the history of punk rock, it's always been anti-corporate, anti-label. Yet, you look around at the current state of punk rock everything is DC shoes, Vans, you have to have all this name-brand shit. A lot of these kids just say you're not punk. What do you think about that?
Mike: Well, I think punk has changed back when punk rock was like a new thing. It wasn't about being anti-establishment and stuff like that. The bands we've played in and the bands on this tour or most of them, we're not punk bands. It's just a bunch of pop rock bands with fast tempo music playing. It's not really punk.
But yet, they market it as a punk show.
Mike: Yeah, they market it as a punk show because they don't really know what to market it as and punk is just a label. But, in actuallity it's not the real roots of punk rock. I don't mind. I was never really into the old punk rock and I wouldn't call us a punk rock band.

(Trash)As time goes on, what do you hope Rufio's legacy to the music world will be?
Mike: Hopefully we can just continue to write music that's different and stands out and that's true to us.
Jon: Hopefully, keep progressing.
Mike: Yeah, progressing is good. Not regress but move forward.

(Tom [])What does the future hold for you guys seeing there's like two or three dates left on the tour?
Mike: Go back home, play some shows and when we do go home, hopefully finish writing.
Scott: Hopefully record after the tour is over. Maybe go to Japan in November.
Jon: Yeah, I love Japan!
Scott: Yeah, Japan is awesome!
Kristie: Don't the fans freak you out? I mean, don't they stay quiet during the set?
Mike: Yo, it's weird. Yeah!
Scott: During the song, they're like intense...
Mike: Yeah! It's crazy...
Scott: and then they're like (*claps for 2 seconds and stops*) and it's quiet. Like, you can hear crickets. You can hear like every little noise.
Mike: Like, they're patiently waiting for the next song.
Jon: It's cool.
Scott: It's weird though. They don't talk to each other or anything. It's just weird.

(Tom [])I did another interview with another band that talked about being in Japan and the first time they went there and played, the stage guys set their gear up and they came back a couple of weeks later for another show in another city, the same bunch of guys put all the gear...
Scott: Exactly where everything was!
Yeah, exactly where it was supposed to be like the first time, they're so anal about it.
Scott: Yeah!
It's gotta be crazy just walking out there and knowing everything is going to be perfect.
Scott: Yeah, it's cool.
Jon: Everything is so different over there. It's awesome.

(Tom [])Speaking of Japan, you guys said you played Japan before. Did you guys play like reall early shows over there? Because, I know they start a lot of things at like 6:00 or 7:00.
Scott: Like 6:00 or 7:00 yeah.
Tom: Yeah, like they start early and end early.
Jon: Then we would have a lot of time to hang out afterwards. Like, go to restaurants and other stuff.
Scott: I didn't mind it because we just had so much time to walk around and enjoy the city.

(Tom [])Out of all the places you've gone on tour, what's your favorite that you've been to?
Jon: Japan!
Scott: I like London, personally.
Mike: Ireland.
Scott: Yeah, Ireland is cool.
Jon: Went to the casino in Ireland. That was cool.
(Tom [])Before I wrap up, is there anything I didn't talk about with you guys that maybe you guys feel strongly about that you'd like to say or wasn't touched on or any final words?
Mike: We're just really focused on writing our next record and getting that done and hopefully stuff comes out in the spring of next year.

*TrashTheStage would like to thank Scott, Mike, and Jon for their time and also to Tom. Everyone was really cool.*