Office Map Signal Home, the young post-hardcore outfit that hails from the drowsy city of Meadville, Pennsylvania, dropped their debut album, A Fragile Constitution on Carbon Copy Media; Hawthorne Height�s singer, JT Woodruff�s independent label.

Before the discovery made by Woodruff and the signing to CCM, the band were gaining local buzz amongst the undergrounds of their quiet town, because of their differentiation in an era where bands are spewing out from every angle who sound almost exactly the same. �-Which is ironic because when breaking down the definition of their label, Carbon Copy, it actually means one of the same. Having shared the stage with some of today�s favorite acts such as; Spitalfield, Bayside, A Static Lullaby and Hawthorne Heights, the guys of Signal Home have earned themselves respect and a reputation for delivering killer live shows.

Their album, A Fragile Constitution, is stimulated by buzzsaw quitars, vastly beaten drumlines, blistering vocals and intuitive lyrics that give bands like Rise Against and Hot Water Music a run for their money. The CD bleeds with anthems of angst, honesty and rough times. The band focuses on aggressive high energy music, that blasts you with the �in your face� vibe. The band gets their message across with a bare production that strives to refrain from genres of the same commonplace, aiming for complete contradistinction.

Signal Home�s acentric beats brilliantly bypass the indistinguishable cortex of bands that don�t know how to separate themselves from the rest. They give a breath of revitalizing fresh air in a time where it�s much needed. This band is up to something good and we�ll most likely be hearing a lot about these guys in the near future.

Review by: Amnesty Phillip

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