Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any... {Lava Records}
By: Amnesty Phillip

After releasing "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls" in March of 2002 and having scored amazing recognition, the fans and even the critics, were anxious to get their hands on Simple Plan's sophomore album.

"Still Not Getting Any...", produced by legendary Bob Rock, follows the trend that seems to be reappearing now-a-days. -- A tremendous amount of musical growth and maturity. Chances are, if you fell in love with the band's first release, you're going to love their new album, as it offers the same up-beat, fun-filled, and power-pop melodies.

The Canadian rockers however, seem to be stepping up to the plate and taking a stab at the critics and/or the haters. In tracks such as, "Shut Up", "Jump", and "Me Against The World", they seem to give off the "we don't care" vibe. The band is taking a stand and stating that, all the haters out there, can think what they want to think and say what they want to say, because in the end it doesn't matter to them.

The socio-political track, "Crazy", showcases the bands view-point on society today as we know it. "Everytime", "One", and "Untitled" are the band's beautifully written stand out tracks on the album.

Whether it�s the catchy choruses or the relatable lyrics of their current teen-anthem single, "Welcome To My Life", it�s clear that Simple Plan don't plan on going anywhere for a very long time and I don't blame them. They may not be getting any.. but I do know what they will be getting. Lots of air-play and record sales.