Interview with: Sebastien Lefebvre
When & Where: October 15th, 2003 // Via: Phone

Although Seb was sick, he was nice enough to do the interview while on his day off back home in Montreal. Seb shares information on Simple Plan's DVD release in November, who he would like to work with in the future, touring, and other random stuff.

How are you?
I'm good how are you?
I'm not bad at all.
Okay, so we'll get right to it.
Okay! Hey, eh don't I know you?
Yes, you do.
(laughs) Yeah, I was thinking of it. Amy showed me a picture and I was like, yeah I know her!
Yeah, I was actually going to ask you that.
Oh yeah. I definitely remember!!

Awe.. Okay so my first question is, in about the last year you guys have progressed amazingly as a band and are well known all over the globe. What do you feel are the post important things that helped you achieve this status?
Um, I would have to say hard work. Definitely. We're constantly working and touring. We love doing what we do that's why we made it as our living and we have a lot of fun doing it. So, hard work and a lot of touring. We just keep touring, touring, touring and then going out after shows and meeting the kids. You know, we think it's important cuz you know, if I went to a show and it was my favorite band, you know I'd like to meet them you know, and like being onstage and getting that energy from the crowd, like we wanna go out there after every show and meet the fans so yeah, it's basically like a circle.
It's a never ending circle.
Never ending. That's right! That's a good way of putting it.

Tell me about the role you guys play in the 'Punk Rock Holocaust.'
Oh, uh we die!
So, all of you die?
Well, yeah, everybody dies in that movie!
Oh really?
Well, actually everyone dies, but I don't actually know what parts are going to make the final cut and if I'm allowed to actually say anything about it, so I don't know.
Actually, all I've heard so far, I think is Jeff falling off the stage, and having a guitar go right through him and blood streaming from his mouth?
Yeah that's good!
Yeah, I saw that and I thought that was actually kind of gross and there was a part where Chuck is playing, and a symbol goes through his neck?
Yeah, ew!
Yeah and I was supposed to explode onstage but I don't think we had time to do it but I hope that it turns out good.
And when is it supposed to be released?
Actually, I'm not sure when its due, but it's gotta be soon, I know they're pretty much done with the filming so it should be done soon. I think it's about this one killer, who kills all the bands and stuff, that's about it, (laughs) and then we die.
(laughs) All right sounds good! Can't wait to see it.

So you guys have a DVD to be released in November. Why the sudden change in the name from 'Rated R for Retarded' to 'A Big Package for You?'
Well, at first, the DVD just featured a ton of footage from shows, to interviews, and just random stuff so we thought that because a lot of the footage is really hilarious, that we would call it 'Rated R for Retarded.' Well, now, there is actually a song that's coming with it. It's called 'Crash and Burn.'
Oh yeah. I was going to ask you about that.
Oh cool. Yeah, we actually recorded it about a month ago and we thought, seeing we are including a little something extra, that the name should be changed. So we came up with 'A Big Package for You,' because of the contents of the whole DVD. Now, because of the song that comes with it, that's actually going to be called, 'A Small Package for You' or 'A Little Package for You.' I forgot which one we went with, but I'm pretty sure its A Small..

Are there any plans to head into the studio and record the follow up to 'No Pads..' anytime soon?
Yes, there are plans of that. (laughs)
Okay, now you're laughing at me. Obviously you guys are going to eventually go into the studio, but what I meant by that was when do you plan on going into the studio?
No, no. I was kidding. Yeah, we are definitely going to record the follow up soon. All I can say is, we are doing a number of radio shows in the month of December, and then going on a huge tour of our own from like January to February-ish and then after that, we plan on going into the studio, we're writing all the time, so yeah we definitely can't wait until we get to record again.

That's cool. Now, speaking of touring. On that tour you plan on doing in January, you guys are going to be hitting Buffalo right?
Oh yes!
You better! (laughs) Oh and you're coming here in December!
Oh yeah! For that radio show. Which one is it?
Kissmas Bash.
Oh right! Are you going to come?!
Oh most definitely!! My friend and I are trying to get like 3rd row I believe.
Oh right, it's one of those shows with the seats - an arena show.
Yep! That's where this interview was originally supposed to be conducted (over the phone) because our interview got cancelled at Warped Tour. But I was told I would be given an interview time later on sometime before the show. Then I got an email saying that it would be today.
Yeah, today was a better day to do it, cuz I'm off today and I'm bored with nothing to do so, and I'm actually talking as much as I can because my tonsils hurt and I'm about to rip them out. So, as long as I can talk, I'm good.
Awe you're sick on your day off?
Yeah! Really sick! I have a sinus infection and problems with my tonsils on top of that.
Ah, that's not good.
No, it's not. It's like, I get one of those every 6 months.

Awe, that's terrible. So, you've recorded with Joel from Good Charlotte and Mark from Blink, what other artists would you really be interested in working with?
Hmm. Someone really different. That would be nice. I would really like that. We've pretty much worked with two well known names today. So someone original and maybe someone nobody really knows of?? (laughs) Actually, you know who I'd like to work with? The lead singer of Bad Religion (Greg Graffin) or the singer from Lagwagon! Joey Cape is like one of my favorite artists of all time.
Oh great choices!
Lagwagon is one of my favorite bands, EVER. So I don't know about the other guys, but those are my choices.

So about Kissmas Bash.
About what?
Kissmas Bash, the show you guys are playing in December.
Oh okay. Yeah..
You guys are signed on to be playing for the second year in a row. How does it feel to be back by the popular demand of your Buffalo fans?
It feels good! Every show we have ever played in Buffalo, has always, always been an awesome show. The crowd is always very cool. We just love playing Buffalo as a whole. Whether it'd be that little parking lot at Darien Lake (laughs) or The Showplace, every time we go there, we see faces that we know now, and sometimes these people become our friends, so it's very cool. We love Buffalo.
(Seb then changes the subject abruptly and tells me about how The Exploited had a show in Montreal(?) the previous night, and they weren't allowed over the boarder, so a riot broke out.)

Just by watching a lot of the extra footage on the CD and footage on the website, you can definitely tell that you guys are big on jokes and pranks and are having a lot of fun. Has there ever been a situation where one of those pranks went terribly wrong?
I don't think so. But whenever a prank has been pulled on David, like no matter what happens, he always has a way of getting back at you. And there was this one time, where Patrick poured water all over David's face while he was sleeping, yeah he was definitely pissed about that and got him back. But, no there was never really a time where anything went wrong. Something funny happened to Chuck though. He actually lost his laptop computer..
Yeah, I read about that. Didn't he loose it at the airport?
I think that's what is was! But for a little while, Patrick made it look like he might know where it was and Chuck would be like come on just tell me where it is, and Pat would be like, nope! Give me $20 then I'll tell you where I think it might be and stuff like that, then Pat goes, I don't know where it is you lost it you dumb shit.

Who are some artists that you have in mind that you feel have the potential to make it in the industry today?
Um. I really like Story Of The Year. They're a great band and they probably already have a decent following now. Yeah, they're awesome. Hey, I know one. I don't know if you've ever heard of The Matches?
Yes, I have. They had a show here back in July with Reel Big Fish, Gob, and Zebrahead. But when we got there, Gob was on, and we missed The Matches, but yeah I heard their music.
Awe, that sucks! But yeah, I think they have a lot, a lot of potential. If they continue to do what they're doing, I'm sure they'll get pretty far.
Have you ever heard of a band called the Pennyroyals?
Yes I have. I've heard of them, not their music, but of them.
Okay, well. You should check them out. They're pretty good and have a couple songs on - Yeah, I pretty much just plugged them.
Okay, nothing is working. Oh well. I'll try later.

So, Halloween is around the corner. What do you plan on being?
A what-a-what-a-what-a? (laughs)
Halloween is coming up. What are you going to be?
(laughing) Halloweeeeen.
Halloween! Oh! Holy crap. (laughs) actually, I'm planning on being in Australia during the week of Halloween, so there'll be no trick or treating for me, because I don't think they actually celebrate it there.
Oh, well. That sucks!
Yeah, well at least I'll be in Australia, vacationing.
Okay, now that part doesn't suck!
(laughs) No, it definitely doesn't. That part is awesome. I need a vacation real bad! I cannot wait.

What words of wisdom would you like to share with our readers?
Words of wisdom? Oh. Don't sit on sharp objects when you are naked.(Both of us laugh hysterically) Words of wisdom? Who am I to give words of wisdom?
I don't know, just say something. (still laughing) Although, that first comment was pretty amusing.
Words of wisdom, words of wisdom. I don't know? Start a band and do crazy stuff! I just wish people would stop being so stupid god damn it. Some of these people are so dumb and like they put on a fake attitude. WHY?
Are you referring to people who meet you?
Yeah! Sometimes there are people who meet us and like put on this fake image and are like Oh hey yo man what’s up? Or the girls. Oh hey baby. I just don't like it when people act so dumb and fake.
Like, they act like someone their not?
Yeah. I just don't like it. Why try to be someone you're not?.
I hate people like that.
I don't hate them, I just don't get it.

You guys are big on fansites correct? Like, you guys like to go on the web and look at what your fans come up with?
Oh yes!
Okay. My good friend Heather actually wanted me to tell you about hers. It's very good. The web address is So, yeah go check that one out if you haven't heard of it yet.
Okay wait! I'll go to that right now! Hump? What's that? (laughs)
I honestly couldn't even tell you. I never really asked her. (laughing)
Oh I got it to work. Ohh I like this. This is a cool site.

Okay, so lastly how would you define success?
Hmm. I think success is when you finally establish yourselves and your music is known and you get to play a lot of shows and whatnot. Just keep playing and pushing yourselves to the next limit. You just have to be really determined and dedicated about a band if your serious about succeeding. Once you do that and establish yourselves and your music is known, I think that's when you know you hit success.

Thank You Seb for your time and I'll see you at Kissmas Bash!
Your very welcome and I will definitely see you at the show!