Bands in Attendance: Plain White T's, Mae, & Simple Plan
When & Where: 11.08.04 @ Irving Plaza- New York, NY
By: Amnesty Phillip

This was my first time at Irving Plaza and let alone, New York City. I had no idea what to expect. As hours passed during the long seven hour drive, from 6... to 4... to 1... and then finally going through the New Jersey Turnpike, I only grew more anxious.

Who was I more anxious to see? The question kept pondering in my thoughts during a good portion of the trip. This would make my 7th time seeing Simple Plan and I have never seen the Plain White T's live before and I also missed Mae a few times when they came around Buffalo.

Finally, after the meet and greet and about another half hour wait, Plain White T's hit the stage and they hit the stage hard! They opened with "Stop," and definitely got the crowd going with their dynamic stage presence. These guys are full of so much energy, it was amazing. The crowd was definitely into it and the guys were feeding off every minute of it. Singing old time favorites such as, "Your Fault" and "A Lonely September," and mixing in new ones from their upcoming January 2005 release, "All That We Needed" and "My Only One," you can tell that everyone in the room was enjoying themselves. After it was time for the band to say good-bye to, what they had said to be "the best show on the tour so far," they only left the crowd wanting one thing... more, and that would be left in the hands of Mae.

After having a set such as Plain White T's, the fans had their expectations high. Mae came on, introduced themselves, and went on with it. Singing songs such as, "This Time Is The Last Time," "Embers and Evelopes," and "Summertime," the crowd seemed to be a bit dissappointed. Apparently, they just weren't feeling it, except for myself and a select few here and there. Singer, Dave Elkins, even tried getting the crowd to dance a little, after seeing a fan "dancing weird." Even that, didn't seem to please. However, to those who didn't enjoy their set, I on the other hand, applaud their performance.

The crowd only grew more eager. The anticipation for Simple Plan to embrace us with their presence, was something I've never experienced first hand any other time I've seen them. Only moments later, Simple Plan took the stage, and the venue went into a huge uproar of ear-piercing screams. Opening with, "Shut Up," a song off their new album, (Still Not Getting Any...) the fans went absolutely crazy. Looking behind me, and seeing the look of pure excitement in each and everyone's faces, only matched those of the band's. "It feels good to be back in New York City!" announced lead singer Pierre Bouvier, as the crowd screamed back as their way of agreeing. Including, crowd pleasers and antique's such as, "Grow Up," "Addicted," "I'd Do Anything," and their new teen anthem, "Welcome To My Life," Simple Plan was feeding their fans exactly what they were hungry for. The chemistry between these guys and their fans, is something I wish I could feel, at every concert I went too. Closing the show, with their ever so popular, "Perfect," it was the PERFECT ending, to one incredible show.