Trash The Stage is currently seeking the following:

Reviews/Interviews/Photos Individuals in the Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and New York City/Long Island areas. Must be at least 16 years of age. Each Individual must be reliable, responsible and able to work well under pressure. Must be capable of submitting work regularly or when asked. Must have access to a camera/recorder/etc. and transportation.

If interested please get in touch with Kristie.

[name] Kristie
[location] Depew, NY
[position] owner/everything. Runs the show.

[name] Katie O.
[location] Williamsville, NY
[position] Videographer/Reviews

[name] Jeanette
[location] North Tonawanda, NY
[position] Photographer/Reviews

[name] Ken
[location] West Seneca, NY
[position] Photos/Reviews

[name] Nicole
[location] Cheektowaga, NY
[position] Reviews

[name] Ashley
[location] Rochester, NY
[position] Interviews/Reviews

[name] Andrew
[location] Hamburg, NY
[position] Reviews/Photographer

[name] Katie C.
[location] Detroit, MI
[position] Photographer/Interviews

[name] Kate
[location] Philadelphia, PA
[position] Interviews/Reviews

[name] Zoraida
[location] Chicago, IL
[position] Interviews/Photographer

[name] Michelle
[location] Chicago, IL
[position] Interviews/Photographer

[name] Jess
[location] Tallmadge, OH
[position] Photographer/Reviews

[name] Ryan
[location] Hamburg, NY
[position] Promotions/Reviews/Street Team Director

[name] Heather
[location] Franklinville, NY
[position] Webmaster