Interview with Kenny from The Starting Line - August 7th, 2003 - WarpedTour @ Darien Lake (Buffalo, NY)

How would you describe your music to those who haven't heard it before?
Um. I'd say.. I'd say.. eh, we just try to be good?.. I don't know. (laughs)

So, you guys formed the band basically over the internet...
Yeah, sorta. Matt sent out an e-mail basically saying, Hi, my name is Matt, I'm from the area, and I'm starting a band and I'm looking for a singer. So, I e-mailed him back telling him I was looking into starting a band as well, and things went from there.

Did you think it would get this far?
All I knew when we first started, is that this is what I really wanted to do. I never would have dreamed of it going this far, but I'm really glad that we did. It's always been a dream of mine.

How important is image to you guys? Do you care about labels?

Yeah, like the term sellout or poser...
Oh, no, not really. We are who we are, we wear what we want. We don't care about what peple think. We do what we want, if people don't like it. Well, then that their problem, we don't worry about that.

Bascially do whatever, do your own thing..
Yeah. We do our own thing. (laughs)

Is there a one person who writes the lyrics or does the whole band write them?
Yeah, I write all the lyrics.

Do you also write the music for them?
No, we all write the music together. We all collaborate and try to incorporate everyone's ideas the best that we can.

You're playing the tour of your dreams, who does it consist of?
Jimmy Eat World, Every Time I Die, Glassjaw would be cool.. more I'm sure.

Who are some of your influences?
(Laughs) Jimmy Eat World, Every Time I Die, Glassjaw.. (then everyone laughs)

When you're on the road, is there anything interesting you guys do for fun?
We like the mall!

Are you guys mall rats?!
-(Everyone laughs)-
Yeah, sorta! I go shopping. I love shopping.

Oh wow. You don't hear that much - a guy who likes to shop.
That's true I guess, but I like too!

What are your favorite stores?
CD stores...
*Random conversation strikes up.. and everyone gets off subject*

What has been your favorite show that you've played so far? - It doesn't necessarily have to be from this tour.
Clevleand was really good. Oh!! Detroit. Definately Detroit! The fans there are absolutely crazy. It's really exciting to go there and play a show. Playing home shows are always good too though.

What is the best thing you've learned while in the studio recording "Say It Like You Mean It?"
*Kenny starts talking, but Story Of The Year was onstage at the time, and it got really loud making it hard to interpret the tape, then when the band quiets.. I caught this much:* We learned how to structure a song. Our producer would direct us in the right way to finish a song.

Do you have a favorite track off the album?
Ah, it varies from time to time, but right now I'd have to say 'A Goodnight's Sleep.'

Oh, that's my favorite song!
Really? Thanks! That means a lot to me.

Can we be expecting a new video anytime soon?
Actually, yes. We are about to shoot a new video, but we really can't decide. Do you have any suggestions?

Yeah! 'A Goodnight's Sleep!'
-(Everyone laughs)- Really?
Cool, because not many people would choose that because it's a ballad.

Well, I don't care if it's a ballad. (laughs) I chose that because it's my favorite
song. (Laughs) Thank you.

Name 4 albums that you are currently listening to.
The Postal Service - "Give up", The New Silverchair CD. I don't know if you guys keep up with Silverchair but their new CD is amazing!, Mae - "Destination Beautiful", & Every Time I Die - "Hot Damn."

Seeing you guys are constantly on the road, do you sometimes find it hard to live with each other?
Sometimes! Because when you are around anybody for a long amount of time, they start to get on your nerves. But you can't go for so long without talking to someone. We're best friends.

Do you prefer smaller or bigger venues better?
Um, I do think there is such a thing as being too big, but I like a normal size one. I don't know. One that fits a few hundred people or something. One that's filled with a decent amount of kinds.

Do you have any songs written for the next album yet?
Yeah actually we have like 9 or 10 written and we have about 5 that need to be finished.
Is your sound going to change at all? Like, is it going to get more mature or.. how are you guys going to change? The sound isn't really going to change much. We're pretty much keeping the sound we have. We are just progressing as musicians. At least, we hope we are, because we don't want to get worse. We can only hope everything comes out better sounding.

Your fan base has grown. How does it feel to get so much attention now?
It's really flattering. To see the overwhelming response we get from fans and to see everyone that comes out to our shows, that means a lot to us.

Seeing that Warped Tour is over and you guys are due to be playing The Drive Thru Invasion Tour, what do you guys plan on doing for that almost 2 week run that you have off after Warped? I think we actually have only 8 days off.
Oh really. Yeah, doesn't the tour start on the 22nd?
Yep. We'll most likely just spend time with the momma and the dukes.

What can we expect from The Starting Line in the future?
Well, like we just went over, we're doing the Drive Thru tour, then after that putting out a new album eventually, then most likely some more touring to promote that album. The whole nine yards, we're doing to do this until it's the end. We never stop.

Well, Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us.
My pleasure. You guys are awesome.