Welcome to the TrashTheStage street team page!

Hey kids... My name is Ryan and I'm the TTS street team leader. Here are few things about me. Iím 19 and I live in Hamburg, NY. I work at Pacsun in the Mckinley Mall, so stop by and visit. Iím a huge fan of punk music, mainly emo, emocore, screamo and poppunk. Iím also a big fan of art. I run my own graphics company (Hopeless Graphics).

I met Kristie (the owner of TTS) when she worked with Wasted Youths. I quickly became a fan of her dedication and love of the music scene. When she left, she asked me to join her new project, TrashTheStage. I accepted, and here we are.

First and foremost, as much as I love Kristie, she has given me complete control over the street team. Iím sure she hasnít decided if that was a good or bad idea yet, lol. Lets prove to her that this will become TTSís best idea.

My first project for you guys is ready. Itís basically 3 projects rolled into 1. The first part is for you all to sign up for the TrashTheStage street team.

Hereís what I need:

>full name
>email address
>phone number (optional)
>do you drive?
>do you have a car?
>do you have a camera, (digital, automatic, or manual)?
>can you send TTS photos?
>what are your 3 favorite national bands (name/website)?
>what are your 3 favorite local bands (name/website)?
>what are your 3 favorite clothing companies (name/website)?
>what size shirt do you wear (mens tees)?
>most important, why do you want to help TTS?
>who told you about TTS?

Copy and paste this into an email, answer it, and send HERE (Please make sure TTS Street Team is in the subject line)

Signing up puts you in the running for exclusive contests, prizes, TTS news first and a crap load of other things. Doing this will give you 1 trash point. The second part I need you all to do is sign up a minimum of 8 or more people. You will get 1 trash point for each person you sign up. The people you sign up must put your name down in the 'who told you about TTS?' question in order for you to get a point. The third and last part of this contest is posting banners.

Go tour our media section, click on banners. Save it and post it where ever you can. For every 2 banner posts, you will get 1 trash point. Please send me links for every post so I can verify it. You must post at least 2 banners.

The winner with the most points (minimum of 10 or more), will receive a prize package of flats, posters, demos, stickers and a few other prizes.

Good luck and I'll catch you all lator!