Sugarcult - Palm Trees and Power Lines {Artemis/Fearless Records}
By: Amnesty Phillip

California based rockers, Sugarcult, introduced us with their debut album "Start Static" in the summer of 2001. It didn't necessarily go beyond any musical boundaries, however, it was enough to put the band on the market and catapult them to embark on a journey of endless sold out tours across the globe. Nearly three years later, Sugarcult dropped their second release, "Palm Trees and Power Lines."

What we have with "PT&PL," is arguably one of the best records of 2004. The album's first single, "Memory," gave everyone a taste of the "new" Sugarcult and instantly became a radio and MTV favorite.

It seems that the turmoil of losing their drummer and new experiences on the road are the cause of the exhilarating new sound that this album brings. Their moldoies and emotions alone are enough to allure you. Each song on the album is more powerful and more deep with meaning; something that "Start Static" lacked a bit of.

Another improvement that the band has made are the amazing guitar riffs and distortions. If you take a listen to "Start Static" you can visibly make the distinction that the lead guitar is far more proficient and creative in each and every song on "PT&PL."

The aggressive and slighty more alternative sound being produced seems to be working out very well. If the band continues to take the path they are taking by setting absolutely no limits for themselves and continue to flex their musical abilities, they will only continue to impress and rise on the charts.