Taking Back Sunday-Louder Now (Warner Brothers Records)
By: Jessica Conti

Dear Taking Back Sunday,
You don’t know me, but I know you well. I’ve admired you from a far for years. When I was first introduced to Tell All Your Friends, all those years ago, I knew there was nothing better. I knew I was witnessing a phenomenon. It was a beautiful, original, master piece.

Two years later you relased Where You Want To Be. While it was nice, entertaining, and good, it was no Tell All Your Friends. I knew you could do better. I forgave you for this. I told myself that you had one more chance or I was giving up, forever.

Now with a major label move, new members, and four years later, the world is blessed with Louder Now. Obviously it’s no Tell All Your Friends, but it quenches my thirst just fine. The single “MakeDamnSure” is exactly what I was looking for. The others songs, well you made damn sure they were just as good. However, My Blue Heaven is at times a painful listen. “Miami”, “Twenty-Twenty Surgery”, and "I'll Let You Live" are the best tracks, everything else is OKAY. Louder Now is everything that Where You Want To Be never was, but it’s so you, Taking Back Sunday. It’s so very last summer and I LOVE IT. Thank you for not “selling out”. For staying true to the TBS sound that we all know and love. I never wanted you to grow up. I never wanted you to change your sound or style. I wanted you to stay the same and write the same songs over and over only slightly better with each revision. While you did grow up, change your sound, and write completely different songs, I’m still slow dancing on the inside.

Sincerely, Jessica